An Olympian in Hoxton


My new update unfortunately doesn’t have photos to accompany it yet, but i thought i should quickly praise the skills of my colleague and friend Nathan Gallagher. Nathan has a studio in East London and we work together there quite often, although we did have a fun trip to Amsterdam for the Volcom Spring/Summer 2012 catalogue last year! He’s a super talented man, can charm the socks off anyone and tells some pretty bad jokes.

Last week we got together to shoot the inspiring and impressive Rebecca Adlington, only a day after she discovered she’d once again qualified for the Olympics. Congratulations Rebecca! Hopefully we can all see the shots in a couple of news papers soon.

In the mean time, as i have no exciting photo to offer yet, i have added a random one for your amusement. This is my colleague Tash (the tall one) and i (the short one). We are holding casts of our own faces that we made of each other. Tashy is the funniest, most unique person i know and has excellent skills as a make-up artist. She also has a Bijon Frise puppy called Pig, and is part of a comedy quartet called Oyster Eyes. They have rather fabulous reviews and deserve a quick watch.

We made each others faces.